Friendly approach to getting your project completed

Maddisys Limited is a software development company based in Crowborough, East Sussex UK. We aim to provide a friendly local based service and guide you as much through the process as you require.

We have experience of the main mobile platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company has been executing mobile and desktop development contracts for 8 years. Due to their nature many of the previous development projects have resulted in novel technology resulting in 20+ patents, so if required we would be pleased to try and point you in the right direction for Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

While undertaking general development the specialisation of the company is image analysis and image manipulation, we would be particularly interested to hear from you if you have this type of project or even are interested in a collaborative project.

Please contact us if you have a development for a mobile application (iOS, Android or WP). We will undertake contract development at standard hourly rates or complete a project for a fixed rate. For special situations it is also possible that we could enter into a development project on a profit share basis.

Please leave your information on the contact page, or contact us with a direct email.

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Snake Shapes Frukt Lightning
Colour Speaker Wordsearch Interpath

Example applications developed, from top left: A tracing based arcade based game, Data driven recipe applicaiton, Mapview based realtime lightning tracking, linked to IIS database, Color detection and synthesized speech, RSS based wordsearch game for unlimited games, Whole Slide Image (WSI) viewer linked to an IIS server for microscopy.